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Why Choose Us

We provide our clients with expertise and passion. We offer a turnkey service, based on high quality standards, acknowledged by our long-term customers operating in areas such as energetic efficiency, safety and lighting engineering.


We are aware of today’s challenges, especially in an industry based on technological innovation: that’s why we constantly invest in H&R. Efficiency is a fondamental feature in a market as complex as PCB assembly, and our cutting edge equipments and software guarantee high automation and precision levels in order to optimize results while reducing costs.


In order to stay competitive, we also need to invest in the human component: our staff is regularly put through training programs to develop their skills and job performances. IPC certification and expertise ensure our team is able to optimize every process and to guarantee high performances.


Quality is everything. Customers’ satisfaction is ensured by attention to details and continuous improvement process. Company quality system is certified to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 standards, and every process is strictly inspected in order to guarantee components’ traceability throughout the whole manufacturing process.