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Tailored products made with passion.

We offer our customers PCB turnkey solutions. Expertise, cutting edge technologies and passion are the tools we use in order to deliver a finished product which is ready for immediate use. We take care of every phase of the production process, while guaranteeing a fast and efficient service.

Requirements analysis

We are able to meet any customer’s need, thanks to our technicians’ professional expertise and our advanced manufacturing technology. Our priority is to understand what our client needs – and realize it. In this firts step our specialized team analyzes the requirement and selects the appropriate components in order to meet our customer’s needs.


Prototyping is a very important phase which, if correctly managed, can result in both cost and cycle time reduction. By evaluating the overall product’s features in a prompt and precise manner, we are able to improve the supply chain and meet our 2-3 weeks delivery term.


Testing is a crucial moment: that’s why we are personally in charge of designing and manufacturing the necessary equipment. Our specialized technicians are able to perform in circuit and functional tests by using state-of-the-art hardwares and softwares able to identify, trace and memorize each board’s test data.

Engineering process

In this phase, our support and expertise is aimed at offering a custom-tailored product, based on clients needs and specifications.

Every manufacturing step is studied in depth in order to find the innovative process solutions able to optimize production efficiency and reduce cycle times.

Finished product

What we offer is a full turnkey assembly: our finished products are ready for immediate use.

From components aquisition to testing, we handle the entire process, resulting in shorter production time and effective cost savings. The end-products will be accurate and consistent, meeting all customer’s needs and requirements.

Management software and logistics

Second generation ERP (ERP II) provides an integrated view of the core business processes (product planning, inventory management, accounting, sales, shipping etc) and it facilitates real time information flow at all stages in the supply chain, thus creating integrated systems open to the external environment.

Three automated vertical warehouses allow more than 10.000 code components to be stocked; the warehouses schedule and trace fast and optimized storage and retrieval operations according to JDEC JSTD 033B and IPC 1601 standards.