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About Us

Technological innovation process is our goal


Providing expertise, quality and flexibility to meet your needs

Companies are facing major challenges today: interaction technologies; turnkey solutions; production outsourcing. We know it. That’s why we provide our clients with the highest quality in every production phase. Cutting edge technologies; team work, technical and commercial expertise: every detail is taken into account, making us the right partner to work with.

Our qualified staff regurarly attends training courses in order to improve their skill, and our constant investments in H&R allow us to keep up with the many innovations occurring in this always changing industry.

Our flexibility means we are able to provide the best solution for each request, tailoring the products to suit our customers’ needs.


Technological innovation processi is our goal.

We are born out of a dream: to create an innovative company where we could put our expertise, curiosity and creativity into play.

In over twenty years together, we have created a strong team, which shares a common goal and work hard to achieve it.

We believe the future of electronics will largely depend on the ability to innovate production processes and foresee the upcoming markets needs.

Growth, creativity and precision are the core values we work for every day.

We like to consider our company as a perfectly tuned musical instrument, with every element playing together in harmony. Just like in PCB assembly, where perfect and minute components get together to become a new and advanced board.


Fabrizio Varanese

Chief Executive Officer CEO

Professionalism means taking care of every single detail. My job is ensuring our company as a whole is able to express its full potential.

Reliability, honesty, along with shared goals, are the main components of our team work.

Domenico Varanese

Chief Operating Officer COO

Relationship is what matters most: that’s what I’ve learned in over 25 year in the electronics industry. Making our customers happy is my greatest satisfaction.

Over the years, I’ve been able to create strong and lasting connections, based on mutual trust and respect: something I am really grateful for.

Sandro Panichella

Production Manager

We can reach our goals only by working together: our employees represent our true strenght. Sharing our vision and making them feel part of this project are the best way to create an effective work environment, highly focused on meeting our customers’ needs.

Claudio D’Angelo

Chief Technical Officer CTO

Curiosity and passion are the backbone of my commitment. There’s always something new to create and new ideas to develop.

Creativity comes from the ability to pinpoint the right questions in order to provide the most effective solutions.